Ted Nichols

Drum circle facilitator, artist in residence, team building, camps, instrument maker and performer. Instruction for conga, djembe, world instruments, drum set and traditional percussion.

Woodcarving folk artist featured in Museum of Folk Art Williamsburg, VA and the Museum of Folk Art New York, NY. Pro Tools certified user, photographer and web designer.

Be a part of the Science of Sound coming soon. This is a program for students eight years old and up. This program will be an artist in residence program that lasts from one day to several weeks. It will be developed and modified to engage the participants their appropriate age level. Students will learn about digital and analogue sound including: analysis of sound waves, music theory and basic synthesizer properties. There will be projects with household objects and DAW, digital mixers, music hardware and programs like Audacity, Studio One and etc.


Drum Circle Third Friday Salisbury MD Every Month at SWAC Starting April 2018.

Drum Circle SWAC African Dancers 2 & 4 Tuesday Monthly

After School Wicomico County Step Up

Monday Parkside High School , Wednesday and Thursday James M. Bennett High Schools

March 2018


April 2018

Salisbury University World Drum Ensemble and World Drum Experience 4/ 7:30

Earth Day Salisbury Zoo TBA

May 2018

Salisbury University Youth Synphony 5/12 7:30



Drumming Up Fun Youth Camp

Art Institute & Gallery June TBA

Percussion Camp Salisbury EXTREME PERCUSSION WORLD DRUM CAMP AT Christian School TBA

4H drum circle TBA


Workshops Artist in residence

After School Programs 2017

Step-up Program Monday and Wedesday James M. Bennet High School

Prince Street Elamentary School Program

Artist in Residence Prince Street Elamemtary School March 19-24


2018 TBA

Delmarva Life

Travels With Charlie WBOC TV

Musical Examples


  • Bateria Samba De Rio, Trash Can Alley and Tour of Africa



  • Info found here.
    Class Description
    This class is geared towards those who have little or no prior drumming experience, but also easily accommodates intermediate players.
For the warm-up we cover the basics such as holding and striking a drum, basic coordination drills. We will explore African and Latin Rhythms on a variety of instruments including djembe, conga drum, cajons and other ethnic instruments.



Now a member of SWAC and the Maryland Artist Registry